In accordance with the wishes of her family, Malak Jan was buried in Baillou, a small town located in the region of Perche. On the initiative of her family and friends, a memorial was erected in her memory.

Malak Jan’s memorial offers a place for introspection and serves as a poignant reminder that there are men and women throughout the world who are working selflessly to be a source of good for others.


Under the direction and management of the Association du Mémorial de Saint Janie (AMSJ), an organization established to preserve the benevolent and charitable philosophy of Malak Jan, the construction of the memorial presented both technical and architectural challenges. The pure, universal shapes of the memorial, cubes and pyramids, are a tribute to the woman who inspired this monument. The base of the cube forms a square measuring almost 14 meters in length on each side. Angled pillars are erected at each corner of the square, upon which four lintels rest, thus creating the upper lines. A four-sloped pyramid forms the roof.

Designed as a puzzle of 120 pieces, each weighing between one and ten tons and measuring up to eleven meters in length, the memorial was built with clear, neutral reconstituted stone. Two stainless steel columns inserted between each pillar provide support while moderating the contrast between the archaic exterior and its light, contemporary inner structure. A glass envelope, held and stretched by a ladder-like framework of stainless steel covered with tinted ash wood, provides maximum transparency and enhances communion with the surrounding landscape. The ceiling, as if suspended atop a pyramid, unwinds its four large sails in a spherical motion. Made from slats of ash wood, it was assembled with the use of shipbuilding techniques.

The harmony of the memorial is further enhanced by a design in which hollow joints mark regular intervals. The line formed by these joints is interrupted at times by the presence of golden elements. An 18-meter pole extends the pyramidal roof toward the sky. It is no coincidence that visitors are invited to look up and through this monument, for Malak Jan’s memorial is an invitation to reflect upon a different perspective on life.

Admission and Hours

Open on Sundays from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

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Le Bourg
41170 Baillou

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